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Winchester Diner

2655 Valley Ave

Winchester, VA

Permanently closed.

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Winchester Restaurant History

The following restaurants have previously occupied or currently occupy this location.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This establishment is closed--a 'for lease' sign in the window. That's too bad because Valley Avenue needs a restaurant of this type. I went there several times and the food got progressively worse and so did the service. If someone had tried, I think they could have made a go of it. The menu was toooooo extensive and the food quality was very inconsistent. Out of business as of Sept. 1, 2012. — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, August 4, 2012

This place is in serious trouble, went there 2 weeks ago and food was cold. Some of the wait staff needs a lot of help to get better. — Anonymous Reviewer

Friday, June 22, 2012

Went to Winc Diner for maybe 5-6th time tonight. Ordered chicken quesadilla for an appetizer and open faced turkey sandwich w/ ff and mashed potatos for entree. The entree also came with a salad or soup. I chose house salad, which left much to be desired. Lettuce was a little browned and onions were probably cut days ago due to lack of taste. However, the chicken quesadilla was literally the best I have ever had in my life.. which is odd since this isn't even a Mexican restaurant. My turkey sandwich was delish, and though I do love papermill and everything I have ever had there, I do prefer Winchester diner's turkey sandwich w/gravy to papermills bright yellow gravy. I took the remainder of my quesadilla home to my daughter and she thought it was soooo yummy. I do wish the waitresses were somewhat more friendly and im pretty sure the restaurant uses generic coca cola products.. My diet coke was no bueno. But I will go back — Anonymous Reviewer

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Winchester Diner fell off our A list. Of all days they should have had their A game, because of Fathers Day, they screwed up. We went there with a party of seven, including two small children. Even before we were seated, we were told they were short staff, which I greatly appreciated. I am more sympathetic for any delay when they are upfront with their problems. However, a restaurant should never seat more than you can properly serve. If you wait too long to be seated, you have the right to leave, no harm, no foul. If you are seated, the clock starts ticking and you should be served normally.

Our waitress was anything but attentive or even acknowledged our existence. Took over twenty minutes to take our order and even more time to get our food. We over heard our waitress complaining she had only received eleven dollars in tip so far this morning as we waited for her to take our order. We later heard another person scolding the manager over the slow and poor performance. Our food came out barely warm, and my son-in-law hardly ate a thing because he said his was too cold and bland. All that and the receptionist only took off a$4.26 on a bill over $42 dollars. Given the fact of the food was cold and to some in our party inedible, the discount seem to be a joke. To that waitress, she would have doubled her tip tally from our bill alone had she been a little more attentive, delivered the food hot and had not rolled her eyes when we mention how long we waited. She got zero from us. Not even the customary dime to show poor performance.

— Anonymous Reviewer

Monday, April 2, 2012

This was my first visit to Winchester Diner, and it will also be my last visit. When we got there, there were a few people standing around and a couple of people sitting. I could tell they worked there. Me and my friend stood there for a minute and I asked...Do we seat ourselves, to which the hostess or whatever she was said...no, I'm getting to that. Our waitress was a very sweet girl. Very quick with getting drinks and taking our orders etc. I ordered a cup of chili and the greek burger. The chili was ok. When they brought out my burger, it had very little feta cheese on it (main reason I ordered this burger). I had to wait and get mayo, which wasn't that big of a deal. What ruined the whole thing for me, was when I put my burger down after already taking a couple of bites, and saw that the BUN WAS MOLDY! I had to wait several minutes for our waitress to come back, and when I did, and showed her, she immediately went and got I guess was the manager. They made me another burger....and you guessed it, that bun had mold on it too. I basically said screw it and was done. Luckily, my friend's lunch (BLT special was a good one.) Also the bathroom was disgustingly dirty. Overall, not a very good experience, and I will not spend any more of my money there. — Anonymous Reviewer

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Went to the Winchester Diner last night for the first time w/my husband. Got seated quickly and ordered our drinks. I ordered the Lobster Bisque with my dinner. It should have been called the Imitation Crab Bisque, lots of Imitation crabmeat but no lobster. Very disappointed. Also had the Turkey Open Face sandwich with about 5 pieces of bread and terrible store bought gravy that was poured all over the turkey and bread. My husband had the Cheesesteak wrap and had a small amount of green pepper and onion and not a lot of steak. Not sure if we'll go back. — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, March 10, 2012

This morning was my second visit to the Diner. The first time, about 7 weeks ago, I had the sausage gravy and it was amazing - nice big chunks of sausage. Today, I couldn't even FIND the sausage. A manager brought me out a second plate, but it really was no better. They seem to want to please customers. I'll probably go back, but I won't order the sausage gravy again. — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, March 3, 2012

We have been favorably impressed most of the times that we've tried this new restaurant. Sure, they have their good help and their not-so-good, but mostly my experiences have been positive. One suggestion: Put up some LIGHTS in the parking lot! The lot is so dark at night that it looks like the restaurant is closed! A couple of spotlights shining towards the building might help, too. Walking across the parking lot at night is dangerous! I hope they'll put up some lights before someone either falls and gets hurt or gets mugged out there. — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our family ate at the Winchester Diner for the first time tonight. We had heard mixed reviews, but decided to give it a try. It was a good decision. We were seated right away and a server came over within minutes to take our drink order. The drinks came out fairly quickly and we ordered our appetizer and entrees. We got the Disco Fries to share and they came out quickly and were hot and smothered with gravy. Yum.

Three out of the 4 of us in our party got breakfast for dinner and everything was very good except for the home fries. None of us were very fond of them. However, all the other food was yummy and there was plenty of it. Between the 3 of us we tried eggs, bacon, corned beef hash, sausage, toast, English muffin and blueberry pancakes. There wasn't much left when we were done.

My son ordered a burger and fries off the adult menu and it was a good size for him. Often we don't like getting him an adult burger because they can be huge at many restaurants. This one was a nice size and he was very happy with it.

We didn't get dessert because we were all satisfied at that point, but we did see some good looking cakes and pies in the case on the way out.

Our server was very friendly and the hostess was also walking through the dining room to see if diners needed drink refills. All in all, we had a very nice dinner for a good price. We'll be back.

— Anonymous Reviewer

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I've eaten here twice. The first time the food and service we awesome. In fact I was so excited I couldn't wait to take my husband and 2 small children there. It seemed so family friendly and we love diner food. I was sooooo dissapointed this time. The service was aweful. The waitress started out somewhat friendly and got progressively worse as the evening progressed. We have 2 small children so most places will bring their food out with the salads and soups but not here, I had to ask and the waitress looked like she wanted to chew me out. As glad as I was to see this place come to life as I work at a bank on Valley and it would give us another place to eat besides Papermill. I think I will stick with them. They always have excellent service and there food is great we love it there. Sorry, dont' think we'll be back too many flaws — Anonymous Reviewer