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The American Bar

147 N Loudoun St

Winchester, VA

(540) 450-5365Explore Local Discounts


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The American Bar
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Friday, September 2, 2022

Quite good - you'll feel like you're in a bistro in Paris. The menu is a little limited, but the food is fantastic. The weather was great tonight so we enjoyed sitting on the patio, but I would imagine after the weather cools down that the bar inside would be really cozy. Decor is really neat. The sirloin special comes with a choice of three sauces - they all look good but we really enjoyed the poivre sauce. Wine pours are generous too — Anonymous Reviewer

Friday, August 12, 2022

Went for the first time last night and will not be returning. My husband and I went for dinner, only two other couples in the entires restaurant. We waiting an hour and a half and still never got our entrees or even my husbands salad. I know places are short staffed so I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but after that I just wanted to leave. My husband went to tell them we would like to leave and they had him wait 5 more minutes and boxed our food up. I wish we wouldn’t have even taken the food cause we went home and ate and the food was horrible, wish I could include the picture. And my husband still never got his salad. They did give us 15% off but I still feel like I just wasted my money. I couldn’t even finish my food so I lost money and didn’t even get dinner basically. Terrible service and food, will not be returning. — Anonymous Reviewer