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Ronca's Restaurant

6 S Loudoun St

Winchester, VA

Permanently closed.

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Winchester Restaurant History

The following restaurants have previously occupied or currently occupy this location.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Great food! My wife and I both had omelets Saturday, I had the Greek and my wife had the Western. Best I've had!! I spoke with the owner Bobby who does all the cooking. He uses all skillets. The place was so clean. We only went there on my sons recomondation. He had lunch with his family and said very goodl. Great cheesesteaks. We will be regulars. Good Job Ronca's — Anonymous Reviewer

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My friend and I visited Ronca's last week. We sat in the patio and enjoyed our lunch. I ordered the veggie omelet, and it was delicious. Not only was it plated beautifully, but the veggies were fresh and flavorful. The home fries were not commercial, but fresh made. My friend ordered the cheddar bacon burger and found it to be very tasty as well. The prices were reasonable, and in talking with the waiter, we found out that the food is all freshly made...and the meats are fresh. A very enjoyable trip! — Anonymous Reviewer

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ronca's has breakfast food all day. Also has burgers, hot dogs, BBQ and various sandwiches. I had the hearty BLT. It was a very good BLT and well named. The sandwich had nice thick cut tomato slices and plenty of bacon, lettace and mayo. I recommend the BLT and Ronca's. — Anonymous Reviewer

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The patio is now open! The food is very good with large portions and reasonable prices. The Italian hoagie was very good, and my friend was pleased with her BLT. We'll be back/regulars. — Anonymous Reviewer

Thursday, July 31, 2014

On Wednesday, July 30, 2014 I had lunch at Ronca's Restaurant at 6 South Loudoun Street, a small hole-in-the-wall premises most recently occupied by Chowhounds on the Oldtown Walking Mall.

The restaurant is on the east side of Loudoun Street, a few doors south of the Boscawen Street crossing of the Mall, just across from the Wilkins Shoe Center. It has no outside tables at present, but I'm told that they may be a future addition.

Ronca's Restaurant is closed on Sunday. Hours are 7:30 AM-2:30 PM, Monday-Saturday. It's possible that extended hours may be added later for Friday and Saturday. The phone number is (540) 667-7662 and Carryout Service is available.

The door is set back on the left side of the building's front. It opens into a small room that has seating arrangements to maximize using the limited space. As you enter you see a narrow shelf along the left wall, with three stools for patrons to sit there.

There were no other patrons when I arrived. A small counter with three seats is in the front window, allowing people to see passersby and be seen by them. A table for two is near the front, with a table for four immediately behind it. The main counter is in the back facing the kitchen and seats four.

The place has bold black and white tiling squares in a checkerboard pattern on the floor, and the overall d├ęcor is essentially utilitarian. A small radio on a shelf in the back was playing music, and there was no TV screen.

The two-page menu is headed by a welcome from proprietors Connie Jo and Bobby Ronca. The main categories are Breakfast, Omelet Specials, Beverages, and Lunch, mainly sandwich items and cold drinks. Burgers are 1/3 pound served on a Kaiser Roll, and all sandwiches include chips and a pickle.

I did not order from the menu, but asked the waitress for the special that was advertised outside on a chalkboard sign. It read, "Billy Keefer's Famous Barbecue on a Kaiser Roll, with Chips, Pickle and Cole Slaw, $4.50". I also ordered Dr. Pepper.

My order was served fairly promptly, and had lots of pulled pork on the Kaiser Roll. It was fairly good barbecue. The Dr. Pepper came in a half-liter plastic bottle, and I was given a glass of ice and a straw.

I sat near the right end of the back counter and could watch Billy Keefer working at the grill along the right wall, and talk to him. He told me that the smoker he used was out back. Patrons are allowed to use the restroom behind the kitchen upon request but it's not open to the public.

Part owner Bob Ronca showed up shortly after I had arrived; he had been out riding his bike. I introduced myself and asked if he had been in the restaurant business previously, and learned that he had grown up in it in Philadelphia. This place opened for business two weeks earlier on July 16.

I rated Ronca's Restaurant as a satisfactory place for a quick lunch if I had other business on the mall, but not exceptional. I don't think I'd be in the area early enough to try it for breakfast, and do wish them well.

— Anonymous Reviewer

Monday, July 28, 2014

Been there twice for breakfast and it's simply home style cooking with no fanfare or gimmicks. Prices are low. A bit under the established Papermill. Simple two page menu. One for breakfast the other for lunch. Both my wife and I were full and satisfied for less than the price of one breakfast meal at Perkins. They just recently open and they were still working out the service but they were working hard. — Anonymous Reviewer