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One Block West

25 S Indian Alley

Winchester, VA

Permanently closed.

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Winchester Restaurant History

The following restaurants have previously occupied or currently occupy this location.

Friday, July 18, 2014

This restaurant is fantastic. Best in downtown! — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, October 13, 2012

This place is fabulous! The ambiance is casual and the food is on par with fine dining in DC or San Francisco...without the stuffiness! Some other reviews here are negative and I'm shocked! The portion sizes are normal, not the American super size filled with low quality ingredients. We typically order an appetizer and entree and never have room for dessert.

I love that the menu changes constantly and I always find several things I want to order. The wait staff is fabulous and so accommodating! Last night we had grouper and skirt steak...honestly, the BEST grouper I've ever had. My husband's steak was perfect!

At one point I had suggested that the wine list needed a "buttery, oaky" chardonnay and last night, there was one on the wine list! It was awesome! What service!!

— Anonymous Reviewer

Monday, October 1, 2012

What a sad testament to the almost nonexistent upscale dining options in Winchester. If this place is rated number 2 then I hope you're ready for McDonalds. I gave them a 2 because the food was ok taste wise not incredible like you'd expect for these prices. The portions are very small and after spending $200 on dinner for 2 you are still hungry. The place is hard to find, no parking without walking a dark alley, dark and dingy inside and not relaxing at all. My god people go to a city and get a great meal sometime and then band together and lobby for better options here. — Anonymous Reviewer

Thursday, July 26, 2012

all I want to say is great Pork Belly sandwich! — Anonymous Reviewer

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Will never go back. Went for the New Years Eve Dinner and have never been so disappointed with "fine dining". First the decor is atrocious. Mismatched curtains, tacky wall decor, gold glitter vinyl booths. Chefs table is supposed to be a Moroccan them I believe-awful. The whole layout is awkward. Now concerning the menu; every course was so rich/heavy we were miserable. I would have killed for a salad. The only thing decent about the whole dinner was the Osso Bucco. The Lobster, Truffle Mac and Cheese about killed us. It reeked of ammonia so bad, we were sure the lobster had spoiled. Needless to say we didn't eat it for fear of becoming ill. The dessert was okay, but it had so much going on-chocolate, caramel, honey, maple, brittle, more I'm sure I can't recall. The server was very nice and polite, but startling! They began loudly addressing the table about 6 - 8 feet before reaching the table and we'd jump every time. Even when they addressed other tables they were so loud, we were sure they were right next to us. Although the server's demeanor and manners were nice, not sure they were suited for fine dining. A casual atmosphere maybe. The best part of the whole dinner was the wine. Great selections. For the price we paid for a special NYE dinner, it was FAR from worth it. It all was just too much done poorly, simplicity done well would have been much better. Lesson learned. — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My wife and I went to One Block West for our seventh anniversary. We had been one time before a few years ago in which the experience was wonderful. Usually, after having such a great dining treat, a second visit is usually a letdown. However, at One Block West, our second visit surpassed our first!

I will not go into great detail other than saying the dining environment, food and wine were all second to none. The prices are not cheap, but they should not be, as all of the ingredients are local, fresh and used to prepare magnificent appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Also, I would highly recommend that you read the blog on One Block West's website. Authored by Chef Ed himself, it gives great insight into how much care is given to preparing the dishes along with the highs and lows of operating a restaurant with incredible high standards.

Chef Ed knows how to run a restaurant and make a dining experience a memorable one. I highly suggest One Block West to those celebrating a special occasion. You will be in for a real treat!

— Anonymous Reviewer

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PLT-Pork Belly, Lettuce, Tomato Sandwich Wow, this is perfection on a plate. Don't question the pork belly, just go get the sandwich and enjoy! — Anonymous Reviewer

Monday, April 18, 2011

If you even have a slight inkling that you might be a "foodie" you simply must try One Block West!

My husband and I have traveled extensively for work and some for pleasure...we both agreed that our dining experience last weekend was one of the best we've ever had anywhere!

My only suggestion to the proprietor would be to offer a more extensive wine selection; specifically a dry, buttery, oaky chardonnay (Ravenswood or Kendall-Jackson) for the next time we dine at OBW! :-)

— Anonymous Reviewer

Friday, April 8, 2011

When I rate a restaurant as a fine dining experience I consider more than just the entree.

Ambiance, seating, lighting, cleanliness and wait staff attitude are just a part of the experience.

I cannot rate this restaurant more than a three, it simply does not rise to the level of fine dining as the entree price might suggest.

The physical plant was not tasteful. Tacky gold glittery booths coupled with a bordello-esque curtained room just doesn't bespeak a fine dining experience. Add to that a dirty ceiling, part of which had a chunk missing and a cold temperature in the room and you have an unpleasant setting for 'fine dining'.

The cost was not appropriate for the setting, quality and quantity of food served.

We had to ask for more bread (party of six) and it was grudgingly provided. The tip was added as is often customary for parties greater than than six but the waitress had no problem stating "feel free to leave more". The way I figure it, a $50. tip for an hour of not-so terrific waiting on a table is pretty darn good money for a waitress who did little to make us feel like we mattered.

The entree tasted good but the overall experience does not qualify the restaurant for a second visit.

We ordered one dish of the least expensive on the menu and one of the most expensive for comparison. The dish that was the cheapest @ $20. had two of the smallest chicken thighs you could find, pathetically rated by the diner. The most expensive included a well cooked fillet accompanied by, basically nothing when you slice three fingerling potatoes in half.

We go out to eat several times every week and won't be back to OBW.

— Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My wife and I received a $50 gift certificate to One Block West as a present for Christmas this past year. Having young children, we rarely go out to eat as a couple, but thanks to some help from my sister-in-law, we found time to use our gift certificate...and WOW am I glad we did.

Let me preface by saying that we have not been to a fine dining restaurant as a couple and have gone once or twice on our own prior to meeting each other. Therefore we were a little apprehensive as to how we would fit into the environment of the restaurant.

We made a reservation for 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday night, and upon arriving were immediately greeted by the host. We were seated at a window table and felt at ease right away. The environment was cozy, quiet and very spacious. A small oil-burning candle was placed at every table along with some freshly cut flowers. There was maybe one or two other parties in the restaurant, but even if every table was filled, there would have been plenty of room to feel within our own space.

We began with a glass each of Pinot Blanc wine along with an appetizer of Mini Thai Crab Cakes. The fruity wine was terrific and the crab cakes were small, but packed such an amazing taste their size was quickly forgotten. The sweet and spicy dipping sauce that accompanied them only added to their perfection.

For dinner, my wife ordered the Rabbit Bourguignon under Puff Pastry and I the Rigatoni with Meat Sauce made with Filet Mignon, Pork Tenderloin, and Duck Trimmings. Both were simply out-of-this-world. The meat sauce of my dish was more like packed-together meat which made your mouth water. The rabbit (which my wife let me sample) was very tender and surrounded in a pot-pie type of pastry backed completely around the bowl it was served in.

The staff was very polite and attentive. Chef Ed Matthews even stopped by our table briefly to inquire how the dinner was.

We did not order dessert as we were quite full, but were presented with a small chocolate with our check....and it was the best piece of chocolate I have ever tasted.

I am so very glad we were able to make it to One Block West and would recommend it highly to anyone in the Winchester area looking for a quiet, tasty and superb dining experience. Even if you are not used or familiar with fine dining, it is a real treat.

I will end with a comment my wife made after the dinner. She lived in Russia for two years and traveled all over Europe in college eating at many restaurants in France, Italy and Germany...yet she said this dinner at One Block West is the best she has ever had.

— Anonymous Reviewer