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Mr. Noodle & Rice

19 Weems Ln

Winchester, VA

(540) 662-4213Explore Local Discounts


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Mr. Noodle & Rice
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Monday, February 27, 2023

The food was phenomenal! My mother and I grew up eating authentic Vietnamese food and the pho here was amazing! Plus the restaurant it self is clean the staff is friendly, this place will become our number one spot in Winchester! — Anonymous Reviewer

Sunday, January 22, 2023

My best and I come here weekly. The food is amazing and the service is out of this world. Servers will slowly learn more about you and will build connections with their customers. I always plan to go to Mr. Noodle to see my favorite server, Hannah. Hannah is on a first name basis with my best friend and I and we always have time to chit chat while she tends to her responsibilities. I have never had a problem with anyone or anything associated with Mr. Noodle. I highly recommend this place for an authentic meal. P.s the food is also very good reheated ;) — Anonymous Reviewer

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I've been here twice in the last 2 weeks. Love the food, flavors and Sushi. Also very good prices. I'd highly recommend it. — Anonymous Reviewer

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I love this place! It is clean and neat, has a good atmosphere, and has the best Pho in town. They also have good sushi as well as their Korean dishes, like, Bi Bim Bop, seafood soup. You can't go wrong. They are very nice in there and will accommodate your dietary preferences (if you have any or have food allergies). I wish I had never eaten the Pho because it is soooooo good, I feel like I have to have it every day! It is always fresh and good, and never have I had a wad of stale noodles sitting in the bottom of the bowl with hot broth thrown on top of them. It is fresh, delicious, and an absolutely beautiful bowl of soup. And in this cold, we all could use some HOT SOUP! LOVE Mr. Noodle and Rice! If it was summer and hot outside, I would talk about the sushi more but for now, it is freezing out there and their soup leaves me warm and full. — Anonymous Reviewer

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

On April 11, 2008, my wife and I met another couple for lunch at Mr. Noodle and Rice, a new Japanese restaurant in Winchester at 19 Weems Lane. The place had no tables, only booths, so my wife got out of her wheelchair with help and we folded the chair out of the way.

The other couple arrived in a few minutes, and we spent some time going over the menu. My wife ordered a salad with beef, while I had an octopus salad as an appetizer, and a selection with beef and rice for my entree.

I didn't note the other folk's orders, and there was some confusion when the food started coming to the table. While I was eating my salad, the other lady was given a dish which turned out to be mine.

She had eaten only a little of it with chopsticks when the error was discovered, and I had no problem taking it over. There was also some confusion between her order and her husband's, and that was finally straightened out after a discussion with several of the wait staff.

My wife and I had ordered hot tea, and were surprised it was served in glasses instead of cups. When my wife asked for sugar, the waitress said that they didn't serve it.

The other husband came to the rescue by going to Honey-Glazed Ham, the restaurant next door, and coming back with two packets of sugar. The restaurant's policy reminded me of some Italian places that don't serve butter; they expect you to dip your bread in olive oil.

The food was good, so we'll probably go back sometime. However, I was a bit nonplussed by the lack of cups for the hot tea; glasses are expected for iced tea, but not for the hot variety.

I was also not pleased by the server not giving the right food to the right person. Even if sugar was not on the table, it should have been available on request. These annoyances may have been start-up problems for a new operation, if you are inclined to be charitable.

— Anonymous Reviewer

Thursday, November 22, 2012

This is, hands down, the only place in town where I want to eat sushi. It always is fresh, well-made, and very prompt. The servers do turn over at a normal pace, but the ones who stay around recognize me and always chat. The owners usually at least say hello to me, and have been more than gracious when I have my son, even to the point of taking for a walk around. — Anonymous Reviewer

Friday, April 6, 2012

As a customer going out to eat I want value, good food, good service and cleaniess. As someone who eats sushi a lot Mr.Noodle has the best by far in Winchester. The service staff is good and the place is clean. One draw back is that it is little small and can get busy sometimes. About some of the comments about employees verus employer that is between them and some of the reviews about employment there kind of sound one sided. Bottom line is I get what I pay for when there good food, good service, and a clean place to eat. — Anonymous Reviewer

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The service was slow, brought app, then wife's entree, then sushi, then my entree. The food tasted good however, not enough meat in the Pho or Bogogo (sorry for spelling). — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some of the best food in Winchester. Sushi is best in town. Do yourself a favor and get the stone post meal. It is fantastic. — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, February 4, 2012

This is my go-to place for sushi, I love this place. While there is a rather large turnover in staff, I have always had affable servers who are attentive. And I and my son and his mother have been there so many times that the manager/owner will always greet us. I rarely eat sushi anywhere else. — Anonymous Reviewer

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I agree 100% with the customer's review on December 2nd. RESPECT for your staff! You can see the turnover is great. It seems the staff sucks it up, due to the lack of employeement. Posting a work schedule week by week, is no life. The owners own the restaurant, not the staff. Purchasing your own uniform, when your are told specifically what to wear??? I am debating on patrognizing Mr. Noodle again...due the treatment of the staff. Wal-Mart? I haven't seen the inside of one for 10 years, due to how they treat their employees. — Anonymous Reviewer

Friday, December 2, 2011

The food is excellent. The problem comes with how the staff are treated, which is as true servants who get little to no appreciation or respect and are flat out abused. It is outrageous. Do not be too surprised if you are among those who witness it blatantly in the dining area itself. Even more commonly you might very well hear it coming from the kitchen and serving station, and feel the negative vibes and tensions. As one who passionately avoids large chains and anything corporate , in favor of supporting the small local businesman and diversity everytime, supporting this particular business is supporting much of what I will not support in the world of big corporation. Do treat yourself to the excellent menu, but I feel we should all support the staff by letting the owners know directly that ill treatment of the staff will not be supported. The turnover rate is huge for a reason and the constant help wanted sign on the window is there for a reason. Particularly for the rare who, somehow and for reasons of their own, weather the treatment, I am sure extra tip compensation is well deserved, but I believe very important to make a stand for them directly with the owners as well. Perhaps this little restaurant can become one that can be fully supported in good conscientiousness and can come to thrive and survive in a way that seems highly unlikely without a change in treatment of employees. — Anonymous Reviewer