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Main Street Wings

151 Market St

Winchester, VA

Permanently closed.

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Winchester Restaurant History

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our experience was excellent. My husband said the hot wings were great, my made to order chicken sandwich tasted great as well. The happy hour drink and food specials are better than anywhere around winchester and are going on everyday of the week. The waitress was friendly and service was great. We will be back again. — Anonymous Reviewer

Sunday, July 10, 2011

For a place with Wings in it's name I thought they should be good. WRONG I think they bake them in grease and put some sauce on after. Mushy skin stringy chicken and almost flavorless. Get a deep fryer and google a good wing recipe. I guess my first instinct when there were only 4 people there should have tipped me off. — Anonymous Reviewer

Friday, July 1, 2011

I had wings while my wife and kids had sliders. I tried 3 different wing sauces (Voodoo, Tangy Crab and Caribbean). The crab wings were tasty and the wings are large and meaty however, the Voodoo and Caribbean wings had no flavor at all - I may as well have eaten plain wings! The sliders were more like hockey pucks! Snow White burgers are SO much better as these sliders are a joke! After our meal, I told our waitress about the poor quality of the wings and all she told me was that she also doesn't care for the Caribbean wings because they are plain tasting - while she didn't mind telling me this, it would have been helpful BEFORE I placed my order! THe only good news was that I had a $10.00 off coupon from the WInchester Star....otherwise I would have given this meal a one star rating. Very dissatisified ; ( — Anonymous Reviewer

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Co-worker treated the office to take-out from Main Street a number of months ago. On that occasion, tried 4 or 5 different flavors and the wings were pretty good. Decided to go there last week. The wings were the absolute worst I have ever had. The "Buffalo Hot" sauce was broken and completely flavorless. The wings themselves were large, but were completely saturated in grease. The skin was thick, fatty, and flacid. Everything including flavor, texture and appearance would have been a complete failure for a home cook, let alone a restaurant that is supposed to be in the wings business. Never again! — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My husband and I went last night for dinner. It was our second time. The noise volume, because of the high ceilings, was like eating in a warehouse. If a child cries or screams it sounds 10x louder than it actually is. The waitress was good but the simple order of just wings and fries took forever to come out. The fries were cold and limp. The wings were good though. The price for a glass of wine was advertised on the table for $6 and it was the smallest glass I have ever seen. When the bill came the wine was charged @$6.75. What??? Had to ask for that to be corrected. Above all, the place was freezing. Last time we were there the place was freezing as well. It was so cold we could NOT enjoy our wings. Is there a reason it is kept so cold? Won't go back. My words of advice are take a winter coat if you go. And be ready to wait for your order. And talk really loud to be heard above the noise if it is crowded. — Anonymous Reviewer

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I went to Main Street Wings Friday night. It was our first time there and we loved it!!! The Service was Fantastic! The staff there made us feel very welcome! The place was very busy but you couldn't tell with the service we got. I can tell you now that after coming here i would never go back to buffalo wild wings. The wings here are bigger and meatier, with a way bigger selection of sauces! There was a game table for my kids and it kept them VERY entertained! After reading some of there other reviews I was afraid to come here but now I think those people need to give this place another chance! I know I will be back! — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Main Street Wings is erratic. Sometimes the service is good. Sometimes the food is good. The place has potential to be a good restaurant but I would like good food EVERY time I go! — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I just wanted to post a awesome review for Main street Wings. My friends and i dined here last night and i must say that it is everything and then some above expectations. I had the Dinner Sampler which lets you try some of the appetizers it was delicious and came out promptly. The employees that were working were very warm and friendly and made us feel very welcome. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone! I will be back very soon! — Anonymous Reviewer

Friday, February 25, 2011

I was rather disappointed after my first dinner here. BF and I ordered beer battered mushrooms for an appetizer: very greasy. We had beers which turned out to be rather expensive ($4.50 for a bottle of Corona??). The beer battered onion rings we received with our dinners were just as greasy as the mushrooms. Our dinners, buffalo chicken sliders and cheesebuger sliders, were nothing special. i wouldn't eat here again. — Anonymous Reviewer

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wow. This place is ridiculous. First of all, the atmosphere sucks. I felt like I was eating in a garage with some Tv's and tables. My glass was dirty, the floors and bathrooms are dirty, and so are the tables. The prices are ridiculous for what they offer. I mean 9 bucks for a burger and some soft cold fries? Seriously? My husband had a side of Onion Rings, 8 wings, and one beer and his meal was over $17. I had a burger which I ordered well done but was red in the middle. It was a mushroom swiss burger with maybe 3 mushrooms on it. It SUCKED. I'd never been to a Main Street Wings so I wanted to try it, but certainly won't be back. — Anonymous Reviewer