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Enrico's Pizza

14 E Gerrard St # B

(540) 662-7999
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Friday, April 12, 2013

I have been going to Enrico Pizza for 20 + years. The steak and cheese used to be the best I have ever had. I have noticed over the last couple of years a decline in their quality, but for convenience of delivery, we kept ordering. Well, that came to an end tonight. I ordered a large steak and cheese, onion rings, and fries. Fries were great. My $10.00 (double meat) steak and cheese was burned, dry and basically uneatable. The onion rings were burned also and grease soaked. I mean they looked like a pile of grease. Stay away. I have given this place thousands of dollars of my hard earned money over the years, and that will not cease. I am peeved just wasted $21.00 and when I called, the guy said "oh yeah, I remember you, I took your order" He listened to what I had to say, and did not even offer a replacement (not that I would have taken it)or a refund. So, since this is an ongoing problem with quality and simply not caring about putting out garbage, stay away. The grill cook had to be blind to put out burnt steak and not notice it. NO excuse. I will miss it. — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, March 31, 2012

This place used to be the bomb! Now it is a bomb..the sub we ordered was cold by the time we got home ( which is 5 minutes away)! They used to cook the onions to perfecto and chop the steak up....we won't waste our money again there! — Anonymous Reviewer

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Save your money. Their food is not that good. It taste like it is out of a box and they just mircowaved it. It has no flavor!!!!!!!! — Anonymous Reviewer