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Buca di Beppo

1850 Apple Blossom Dr

Winchester, VA

Permanently closed.

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Winchester Restaurant History

The following restaurants have previously occupied or currently occupy this location.

Monday, February 17, 2014

It took too long to eat lunch here today. The bread was refrigerator cold. There was no Italian dressing available for lunch - Imagine that at an Italian place! Tables that were seated after us were taken care of quicker. Once our food arrived from a different server he took off to never be seen again. We saw our server at the end only for her to drop off the bill. She never came back for the credit card so we had to scramble to come up with cash - we had to leave to go back to work - then when she came back to get the money the look I got from her seeing a .12 tip was precious. I couldn't tip because no true service was rendered. No more chain restaurants for me. I'm going to patronize the local established ones. — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, February 15, 2014

My wife and I were excited when we saw Buca was coming to town. We went all the time when we lived in Tampa FL... We love the decor, the atmosphere, the friendly service, and of course, THE FOOD. If you're getting normal pasta dishes like Lasagna that you can get anywhere, you're missing out.. Go for the stuff that you can't get in your frozen foods section at the grocery store. Their chicken dishes are amazing. We normally go with a large group and order a few different kinds, and share them.. That's the point here. And when you do it that way and split the bill, it's not expensive at all. — Anonymous Reviewer

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The chicken parm was great but the bread was just ok. The service was very friendly but it did take a while for our food to come out. I will return and give them another chance — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Two of us had lunch there today. We both decided we won't be going back. The staff is very well trained to be friendly, almost to the point of being annoying. The food was okay but certainly nothing special and certainly not the best Italian food ever as described by the hostess. We both got a lunch special which was a salad and pasta combo. You only get a choice of caesar or mixed green salad with Italian vinagrette. We got one of each. The portions of the salad were very small and neither was anything special. The "complimentary" bread provided was a small portion of an Italian loaf and was not even warm. They do provide very good olive oil for dipping but dole it out in very small portions. The portion of pasta was bigger than the salad and the pasta was cooked al dente (thank goodness). Neither the "homemade" marinara nor the rosa sauce wowed us. For the food we got, I would consider it on the expensive side. I won't be trying it for dinner but the idea of their large portions that you share, doesn't seem feasible. What if you and your partner have different tastes? Then you have more food then you need or want to eat and may or may not want to take home. No thanks. — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Waited anxiously for Buca to open, and FINALLY we have a *great* family style Italian dining experience in Winchester!!! I've been to several Buca's over the years in MN, PA, DC etc., so knew it would be good. My husband and I were greeted by every manager on duty and had a nice conversation with one of them about his rise from bus boy to chef to VP of regional operations over the past 14 years. That alone says a lot about the company he works for. We ordered prosciutto stuffed chicken and the Penne Arrabiata (small portions) and it was delicious! Being that this is family style dining, we had plenty to take home for another meal. For those with large families, this place is the ticket! You get a lot of food for the cost, and everyone gets plenty to eat. It's very affordable too, when you see the amount of food you get. I would highly recommend to everyone - — Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, December 28, 2013

For lunch on Friday, December 27, 2013 I went to Apple Blossom Mall and Buca di Beppo, its new Italian restaurant that opened on December 16. It has an entrance from inside the mall, and also an outside entrance for access when the mall is closed. It's open 11:00 AM-9:00 PM Sunday-Thursday, and 11:00 AM-10:00 PM Friday and Saturday. The phone number is 540-667-8466.

The location is near the main mall entrance and J.C. Penney, and first housed a Ground Round operation. Later, a succession of other restaurants operated here, but the space has now been completely redesigned. There are five named dining rooms and a bar, and the facilities can seat 200 diners inside and another 48 on a patio. This is the 97th Buca in the US, and the first one to open in the state of Virginia.

The restaurant was fairly busy when I arrived at 11:45 AM. I was seated at a table for two next to a wall in the Pope's dining room. Most of the other tables were for four. A long bench along one wall faced a number of tables for serving a group. All of the tables were covered with plastic cloths with an imitation red gingham pattern.

The Pope's table adjoins this room in a circular alcove decorated with pictures of various Popes. Its round table can seat eight to ten people for special parties, and the guest of honor gets to sit in the Pope's chair.

The room's walls were covered with pictures; most were black and white vintage photographs of various subjects. They were surrounded by strings of colored lights like those on Christmas trees. Later, I discovered that this was true in all of the rooms, and that there are thousands of these photos. There was background music, somewhat intrusive at times.

The $4.95 Lunch Special gives you half a sandwich, soup, and a tossed salad. The regular lunch menu, effective until 3:00 PM, includes Pasta, Paninos, Soup and Salad, Frittata, Ensalate, Pizza, Entrees, Baked Pasta, and Dessert. I ordered Frittata and soon received a small loaf of Italian bread, partially sliced and was offered butter or olive oil.

While waiting I asked Diane, my overly attentive server, for the dinner menu. It said that dinner servings were Family Style, with each dish meant to be shared, like at home. Buca Small serves two or more, while Buca Large serves four or more.

This menu's main categories were Antipasti, Insalate, Entrees, Side Dishes, Traditional Pasta, Baked Pasta, Specialty Pasta, Pizza, Panino, Bira (Beer), Cocktails, and Non-alcoholic Drinks.

My slice of frittata was quite generous. It was topped with tomato sauce, and accompanied by small chunks of deep-fried potato. While I was eating, Diane and another server were busy rearranging a number of empty tables to provide a long table to seat ten members of a family group.

Diane took me on a tour of other rooms after I had finished eating. The Wine Room had racks where people can put their signed, empty wine bottles. The Bar Room has sixteen stools at the bar. The Frank Sinatra Room has many pictures of the star, and the Poster Room has its posters on the ceiling.

Buca di Beppo is now on my keep list. I'm looking forward to having dinner with someone to see how the Family Style of serving works in practice. Incidentally, the Italian name can be roughly translated as "Joe's Basement".

— Anonymous Reviewer

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Great chicken Marsala. Good atmosphere. Expensive but large portions. That is my three cents... Enjoy this review. — Anonymous Reviewer