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Taste of India

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1060 Millwood Pike, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 686-7644Indian


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I went there for lunch and enjoyed it tremendously. I had the buffet where the choices were excellent. Soup, two kinds of rice (I liked the one with the chopped cashews), several vegetarian dishes (chick peas, eggplant, etc.), and chicken dishes. My favorite was the butter chicken. They had a chutney/salad bar. Everything is labeled and there is a goodly amount to choose from. I can't eat Indian food w/o mango chutney and they had it. Also, raita for me to dip the naan into. A tossed salad plus two different mixed salads, one of which was eggplant, the other had chick peas, cukes, and some other veggies. I ate a ton of it! Dessert is also at the chutney/salad bar and they had carrot pudding and rice pudding, and also a bowl of fresh fruit, peeled and ready to eat. Can't wait to go there again. It's pretty in there and staff are friendly and courteous. Can't wait to go again!

Anonymous Reviewer

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This is only the third time I've eaten Indian Food, and the third time I've enjoyed it. Friends who recommend Indian food also recommend this spot. It is less formal that the other Indian place. I went in by myself, wasn't rushed and had the pleasure of enjoying the Lunch Buffet. I sampled a little bit of everything, and it was all great. As a tried and true meatasaurous, I enjoyed each and every one of the vegetarian dishes. The black lentil and red bean dish earned three trips just for that. Great experience and great food.

Anonymous Reviewer

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On Thursday, April 14, 2016, I had dinner at the Winchester Taste of India, 1060 Millwood Pike, in the Delco Plaza Shopping Center on Route 50 east of Winchester. It is closed Monday; hours are Tuesday-Sunday, Lunch Buffet 11:00 AM-2:30 PM; Dinner 5:00 PM-9:30 PM.

Carryout is available. The phone number is (540) 686-7644 and you may order on-line at It opened on Monday, March 28, 2016.

The restaurant is most readily accessed via Delco Plaza’s entrance at the traffic light on Millwood Pike. The building is on your left as you drive into the shopping center. Turn left at the first stop sign, and turn left again to go around the building to enter the parking lot on its east side.

The entrance is at the far right corner of the building, where there are two handicapped parking spaces. Entry is through a vestibule. Inside, a bench along the wall provides seating if you need to wait.

The wall on your right has a large picture of the Taj Mahal, and beyond it a display of Hindu religious symbols. A counter on your left has the receptionist and cashier’s station at the near end.

The counter is part of the L-shaped bar, which has eight seats. A single large TV screen on the wall above the bar’s display of bottles was dark. Instrumental music was unobtrusive.

Much of the seating is in booths, in areas divided by waist-high partitions. The table tops are covered with plate glass over white tablecloths with various styles of colored napkins centered under the glass.

Booths seating four are along the front of the building, where there are windows looking out on the highway, and along the right side, where there are additional windows, and in the back. Larger booths seating six are against the dividers here.

Inside a divided area are booths for four on one side and for two on the other. A space with two tables seating eight people each is to the left of the area with dividers. The wheeled buffet tables are not used in the evening, and are pushed against the back wall. Wall decorations around the room included pictures of mountains and rural scenes of India.

The menu is a heavy leatherette folder with eight inner pages. Categories include White Wine List, Red Wine List, Beverages, Soups, Cold Appetizers, Hot Appetizers (Vegetarian), Hot Appetizers (Non-Vegetarian), and Kebab (Tandoori) Specials.

Also, Chicken Specialties, Lamb Specials, Seafood Specialties, Chef’s Specials, Thali Specialties (Combination Dinner), Vegetarian Specialties; Biryanis, Rice Specialties; Indian Breads, Side Orders, and Desserts.

I ordered Masala tea, a black tea, while I scanned the menu. My server brought me a tray with three metal cups of condiments, a circular piece of very thin pastry, thinner than potato chips, and a spoon.

One of the cups held green curry, another had chopped red onion, and one contained a sweet brown sauce. I spooned the different offerings onto pieces of the pastry to sample them. The tea was served in a large white mug on a saucer.

I ordered from the Chicken Specialties menu, choosing Chicken Tikka Masala. This features tender skinless and boneless chicken marinated with traditional Indian spices of ginger, garlic, turmeric, paprika and cumin.

The chicken is sautéed with a cream-based tomato sauce and served with saffron basmati rice on the side. I asked for extra mild seasoning for my order. There were 15 Indian breads to choose from, and I selected Naan, an unleavened handmade bread baked in a clay oven.

The chicken dish was served in a small, warmed metal bowl with two handles; the rice accompanying it was in an oval metal bowl, and was sprinkled with a few peas and shredded carrots. A spoon was provided for the rice.

The Naan bread was a large, circular flat piece cut into four quarters. I found the seasoning for the chicken tasty, although rather bland. There was no hint of spiciness that would have bothered the most sensitive palate. On my next visit I’ll try a slightly higher degree of seasoning, and I definitely will be back.

The serving size was large enough that I took half of the chicken and rice home afterwards, along with two pieces of the Naan bread. There were only a few patrons when I arrived a little before 6 o’clock, but the place was filling up by the time I left around 7 o’clock. This place is definitely a keeper.

The most recent eatery on these premises was the Apple Valley Diner. Before that, it was the Asian Garden Buffet for years. The building originally was a music store offering home electronics and recordings.

Perry Crabill