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China Wok

Vote = 3.5Vote = 3.5Vote = 3.5Vote = 3.5Vote = 3.5 of 10 reviews

2039 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 535-7256Chinese

this restaurant delivers


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I would rate no stars if I could. I have been in the same home 6 months and order delivery often. I called to order and he says we won't deliver to your address and hangs up on me. I call back to ask why and he says b cause it's 18 minutes away they won't deliver here. Rude and awful customer service. The food isn't that good either.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Horrible service and food.

I ordered for delivery a Large Chicken Lo Mein, Crab Rangoon and Beef and Broccoli. Home sick and wanted to have dinner ready when my son got home. When the delivery drive arrives and knocks on my door, I asked if I could help him as I had someone people doing some utility work on my house and I was not sure who was at the door. This brought along some attitude from the driver. I let that go. Thanks him, tipped 20% and rook my food.

I started with the crab rangoon first, you should always eat it when it is hot, and it was tough and chewy. I could buy these in the frozen food section at the grocery store and cook them better.

Then I get to the lo mein, this can't be messed up, right? Nope. All there is in the plastic container is noodles. No Chicken, no onions, cabbage or any of the typical lo mein veggies. Thinking this was a simple mistake, I call the store back. The girl on the phone (who I had to repeat my order to multiple times due to the noise in the store when I first order) states if I want Chicken Lo Mein I will need to pay an extra $1.50. This is in no way her fault because she KNOWS I said Regular Lo Mein. Who in the world has ever ordered Regular Lo Mein? Sure as heck not me.

I will never eat here again, the food is disgusting and the service is rude.

Anonymous Reviewer

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China Wok is my go to place for quick and tasty Chinese. Their menu has great diversity and depending on how I'm feeling I can either have a cheap and filling meal (including 10 pieces of crab Rangoon for 5 bucks after tax mmmm) or I can pick one of their specials; my personal favorite, some of the best coconut shrimp I've found so far in Winchester...
The best part is that they deliver! Not only will they deliver to Winchester and Stephens City, but the food always arrives before I expect it to and their new delivery boy is such a sweetheart! He always comes to my door with an enthusiastic grin and makes my lunch/dinner experience that much better. China Wok = Amazing... keep up the good work my friends!

Anonymous Reviewer

Review Comment - Monday, July 13, 2015

The food is not bad however after going to this place for almost a year I've learned it's one of those places you have to go in to order and pay cash because if you choose to have it delivered there's a chance you'll get anothers order and when you call too fix it the employes can be for a lack of a better word rude.

Anonymous Reviewer